Martin's crazy lottery 🤡

This presentation contains a gallery of slides with various pop icons and historical entities, three of which particularly inspired me to create the new dark theme for our DACH+AGN Home Page (though some of the others also played their role!)
If you want to participate in the lottery (even if just for the sake of helping Ukraine), it'd be preferable to familiarize yourself with its contents and rate the respective options in the survey accordingly. Though, naturally, you might theoretically just as well fill out the survey form without ever viewing the gallery. But if you are one of those people, how come you're still here, reading this nonsense of mine?

WARNING: The following content may be disturbing to viewers who lack a sense of humour and have a large stick up their arses and therefore viewer discretion is advised.

The slides need to be navigated manually, using either the arrows on each side of the image or the dots at the bottom (alternatively you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard).
Each slide consists of an image along with a short description of what it represents.
Each image is also a clickable link redirecting to a pre-selected YT video providing additional context related to the concept depicted by the image. Ultimately, the contents of the slides are meant to provide interesting background to the options listed in the competition survey.

DACH+AGN Home Page

Time left to submit the quiz form:

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